Who wouldn’t like the convenience of consuming delectable concentrations without any complications? Silicone nectar catchers allow you now to partake in this sensation in a novel way. Using them as a dabbing tool enables you to take advantage of the flavor and impact of your preferred concentrations without needing to equip a dab rig.


Nectar collector silicone is a particular kind of dab rig that would allow users to use butane torches to precisely add heat to the concentrates. A mouth is used to inhale the vaporized concentrate once it has been heated.


About Nectar Collector


The most popular option for smoking concentrates is quickly evolving into nectar collector silicone. According to many dab enthusiasts, they rank among the most accessible instruments to use. But what exactly is it?


It is a compact dab rig created in 2011 by glass blower Kristian Merwin for puffing on oils and waxes. It has a tube shape and is similar to a straw for drinking.


There are a few main parts to a nectar collector. It is the tip that comes into contact with the concentrate. You can put water into the body or leave it empty, depending on your choice. The nectar collector’s mouth is the neck. You can use a quartz or titanium tip.


Your whole smoking enjoyment will rely on the substance you select. Flavor purists typically prefer glass nectar collectors. Silicone is the finest material for taking your vaporization device with you while you’re on the go. Even though it frequently changes the flavor of cannabis vapor, it remains the top choice.


Process Of Nectar Collector


A glassware or silicone dish containing your dab will be necessary to start. As you get ready to use it, ensure the container is immediately next to you. Then adhere to these guidelines:


  • With a flame, warm the titanium tip.
  • About 15 to 30 seconds should be given for the information to cool.
  • Inhale through the straw while dipping or lightly pressing the hot tip to concentration with your mouth closed,
  • Vaporize your blot while taking a breath, then remove the gadget from your concentrate dish.


Advantages Of A Nectar Collector


They offer many advantages over traditional dab rigs. They provide a distinctive and practical manner of inhaling oils and wax and making dabbing styles more straightforward for you.


They are more convenient to use while on the road because they are more portable than traditional dab rigs. A typical dab rig could be challenging to pack into your bag or baggage due to its size.


Being simple to operate is another benefit of nectar collectors. This device can even be used one-handedly. You can dab straight from the container without using a dab tool because the straw tip can come into contact with your concentration.


A typical dab rig will cause the wax to become caught in your dab jar, apart from a nectar collector. With a nectar collector, you can control how concentrated your vape is and reduce waste to nearly nothing.


Finally, they are frequently more affordable financially than a dab rig and crystal banger set.




There are various ways to smoke concentrates; however, some can be harmful or change the concentrate’s flavor. The ideal approach to smoke concentrates is with a nectar collector, and it offers the most delicate flavor while dabbing without needing a rig, making it the best substitute for dabbing.


You can choose silicone or glass nectar collectors, which affect how you dab. This device is one of the multiple ways to enhance your smokey flavor.


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