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Best 7 Live Sports Streaming Sites For Free To Know For Your Free Time



Live Sports Streaming Sites For Free

There are so many different mediums and streaming platforms that offer us to watch sports. There are services, like SlingTV and fuboTV, that our satellite and cable television provide us. But when it comes to watching sports, there are so many free streaming platforms as well.

There are thousands of different sports to watch, and not every channel gives us the opportunity to watch all of those. So we need to take subscriptions to so many different channels. And it is not possible every time. So the only solution is to find free sports streaming. And one of the best platforms is Volokit.

In this article, you will learn about the best 7 live sports streaming sites, excluding the volokit streams. However, before coming to the list, let’s find out more about the best streaming platform.


This platform is one of the best live sports streaming platforms, and most importantly, this platform is free. You can watch all kinds of sports like UFC, NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, and many more. The user interface is pretty easy to use, and you can watch all your favorite sports.

There are so many different features of this platform. You can schedule games and get information about streaming and sports-related news. This platform is the best vipleague alternative that you can get.

There are times when people can not get a smooth streaming experience. In those times, getting access is difficult. And most people face this common issue. And the solution is Volokit.

Best 7 Live Sports Streaming Sites

There are not so many websites that provide free streaming and also don’t violate copyright law. We have gone through thorough research and then narrowed down the best 7 streaming sites.

Before that, there is a thing you should do if you want a mobile application for live sports streaming. You can do the best thing: GHD sports apk download. After that, install it, and enjoy watching sports for free. Now coming to the list.

1.   Stream Free Sports From ESPN

 The main website’s name is ESPN. With this platform, you can watch basketball, football, baseball, hockey, college sports, golf, esports, NASCAR, MMA, tennis,  UFC Fight Nights, and many more. You can go to your web and type; most of the content is free.

ESPN has some particular copyrights to some sports. The list is huge, but still, you will not find every sport. The platform will need your TV login credentials. But if you don’t want to give the tv login credentials, you need to take a monthly subscription starting from $9.99.

2.   Facebook Watch For Watching Live Streams

The main site is the Facebook watch. You can enjoy cricket, soccer, basketball, mostly women, surfing and there is an endless list of sports. But, the official number of sports is limited, and most of the content is from Facebook users. To explore a variety of sports, you need to follow these steps.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • In the search option, type sports. And then press the enter key.
  • Then toggle the live opinion, and you will watch a variety of live streaming there.

Most of the streams are low-quality, and there are misleading streams as well.

3.   Find LiveSports Streams On Reddit

The main website is Reddit. With this platform, you can watch hockey, basketball, soccer, and baseball, and there are many professional sports. There are so many subreddit communities for live streams. You can enjoy almost every sport.

There are so many unofficial streams that you will find. For example, if someone uses Reddit, they can create communities called subreddits. They can also dedicate the channel to sports streaming. But there you can find dangerous sites and bad streams too. So you need to be smart enough to find the best platform.

4.   Watch Live Sports On Stream2Watch

You can go to the website by typing Stream2Watch on the web search. You can watch almost any sports like baseball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, baseball, rugby and many others. The only con with this platform is that there are so many different pop-ups.

You can use any ad blocker to stop the background pop-up ads. Because there are so many external sources, you may mislead to different dangerous websites. But if you know how to find and watch good sports, then there will be no problem.

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5.   Stream Live Sports On SportsRAR.TV

Open your search web, and type SportRAR.TV.after that, you can experience soccer, tennis, hockey, baseball, basketball, cycling, gold, and many other sports. You can find some similarities with Volokit. But they have a lot of differences. This website also has intrusive pop-ups.

The website has so many different live streaming options that you can experience. The user interface is easy to access and navigate. You will find all the major sports here. For a single match, there will be different links, you can watch games by choosing the best link that you want.

6.   Stream Online Sports On Bosscast

You can enjoy the live streaming by tying Bosscat to your web search bar. You can watch soccer, baseball, tennis, baseball, and other sports there. This platform is one of the alternatives to Volokit. If you face problems with other platforms, then this is the ideal live sports streaming platform.

The live coverage is pretty good, and you can navigate to almost anything you want. The platform used to use Flash for streaming. But after 2020, it stopped using Flash, so many streams show some dysfunctionality and has stopped working.

7.   Watch Free Live Sports Streams On Cricfree

The Cricfree website is best for various sports like baseball, soccer, rugby, tennis, golf, cricket, motorsports, and many others.  The website is best for cricket streaming. There are other sports as well, but you can realize from the name that it is ideal for cricket.

There are embedded videos you can enjoy. But there is a con with this platform. You can find so many intrusive and misleading pop-ups, and they can interrupt your experience.

To Conclude

I think you have no problem watching your favorite sports online and for free. If you want to learn more about this topic, please feel free to ask in the comment section.

Thank you.


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